Hiring: Operations Manager

Published Mar 14 2022

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⚙️ We’re looking for a detail-obsessed, goal-chasing, and cost-conscious person who can keep our day-to-day operations smooth. This role requires you to wear many hats: finance, legal, and ops—but no experience needed to apply. 100% remote.



Note: this sounds like a lot, but it’s less than it sounds due to how small our team is

  • Find ways to reduce costs and improve speed
  • Reduce red tape in processes
  • Measure and report performance of teams
  • Record and report our monthly finances
  • Process HR issues (very light work because we’re so small)
  • Process banking concerns
  • Process and document company paperwork
  • Deal with lawyers for legal concerns


  • Google Sheets + Excel
  • The ability to reduce a complex issue to something simple that everyone can understand
  • Clear and candid communication
  • Clear writing to document details
  • A dependable memory for small details like numbers, dates, and names
  • Good with money

Work setup

  • 20–30k gross/month depending on your skills
  • 100% remote
  • We communicate via chat or video call
  • 25% discount in the Pepper shop
  • 40% discount in Lowbrow shop

Not to scare you, but make sure...

  • You like challenges.
  • Without bragging, you think you can do better than most.
  • You can take hard feedback.
  • You can figure things out without much help.
  • You’ve got high energy and can propel yourself forward.
  • You can handle high freedom and high expectations.

How to apply

  • Send us a story about something that you’ve worked on that shows you’re a great fit for this role. Dive into details. Max 200 words.
  • Send us an “About Me” with all the relevant details that you think we need to know for you to do great at this job. Max 200 words.
  • Attach your CV.
  • Send an email to people@pepper.ph with the subject: “Operations Manager Application / Your Name”
  • Only one slot for this position.