Hiring: Part-time Host + Taste Tester

Hiring: Part-time Host + Taste Tester

Published Mar 13 2022

We help home cooks feel proud of their cooking!

🎙 We’re looking for a well-spoken host (both English and Filipino) who can taste test food in front of the camera. Must have tons of charisma, serious food knowledge, and convincing facial expressions. Must be able to show up in our Makati studio at least 1x/week on a weekday.



  • Appear in videos to eat and talk about food.
  • Talk about food in greater detail beyond saying “masarap” or “hindi masarap”
  • Be charming or funny


  • Perfect English and Filipino
  • A charming personality
  • Serious food knowledge beyond what most people know
  • An adventurous palette
  • A strong yet sensitive presence

Work setup

  • 6–8k/month depending on your skills
  • 100% remote except for 1x/week when you need to show up in our Makati studio
  • If you can shoot at home, we can work around that
  • We communicate via chat or video call

Not to scare you, but make sure...

  • You like challenges.
  • Without bragging, you think you can do better than most.
  • You can take hard feedback.
  • You can figure things out without much help.
  • You can handle high freedom and high expectations.
  • You’ve got high energy and can propel yourself forward.

How to apply

  • Send us at least 3 different food-related videos of you speaking + tasting any kind of food. Host them online either on Youtube, Tiktok, or Instagram and send us the links. (Do not attach the video files.)
  • Name your 10 favorite restaurants in Manila.
  • Name your top favorite foods.
  • Attach your CV.
  • Send an email to people@pepper.ph with the subject: “Part-time: Host Application / Your Name”.
  • Only one slot for this position.