Hiring: Part-time Video Editor

Hiring: Part-time Video Editor

Published Mar 13 2022

We help home cooks feel proud of their cooking!

🎥 We’re looking for a skilled video editor who can edit both professional videos and vertical Reels/Tiktok-style videos. Estimated workload is about 12–16 hours/week. 100% remote.



  • Organize, cut, and stitch together video scenes to tell a story
  • Color correct and grade raw footage
  • Write and insert captions (optional but helpful)
  • Add in music and sound effects


  • Video editing software skills (ex. Adobe Premiere + AfterEffects)
  • Color grading skills
  • Instagram and Tiktok editing skills
  • Basic copywriting
  • Clear communication skills (your videos must have a strong message)
  • An eye to present food in a delicious way

Work setup

  • 8–12k/month depending on your skills
  • 100% remote
  • We communicate via chat or video call
  • Must be able to reply during work hours, at least within 2 hours

Not to scare you, but make sure...

  • You like challenges.
  • Without bragging, you think you can do better than most.
  • You can take hard feedback.
  • You can figure things out without much help.
  • You can handle high freedom and high expectations.
  • You’ve got high energy and can propel yourself forward.

How to apply

  • Send us at least 3 (16:9) samples of video edits that you’re proud of. Host them on Youtube (you can make then unlisted so they don’t show up in public).
  • Send us at least 3 samples of Tiktok-style (vertical) video with edits that you’re proud of. Send them via IG reels or Tiktok links.
  • The videos don’t have to be food, but at least shows us your capabilities. Better if food though.
  • Attach your CV.
  • Send an email to people@pepper.ph with the subject: “Part-time: Video Editor Application / Your Name”
  • Only one slot for this position.