For Cooks Who Care About Their Kitchens

Most people would not buy a second case for a smartphone, but would easily snag a 7-pc knife set from S&R. As Moses once said: more isn't better. Two quality knives will serve you better than a mediocre set of 7, and we'd like to make that more obvious.

As kitchen options balloon, building your dream kitchen starts to feel like calculus. It doesn't have to be.

We're here to help you build a 10-Year Kitchen, one that keeps you happy for a very long time.

In a 10-Year Kitchen, every tool does what they’re meant to do. They refuse to be thrown out next Christmas. They won't gather dust in the far reaches of your corner cabinet. And once they're finally headed to the afterlife, you'll feel a touch of grief knowing that a reliable companion will no longer be by your side.

So we'll start by doing things differently:

  • We won't sell you anything we won't use ourselves.
  • We will only add choices when they're good.
  • We will get you the best tools in the world, at the best prices (eventually).
  • And we will never send you on a wild goose chase across customer service departments if something goes wrong.

Like you, we love cooking. And we don't like how complicated cooking has become. Maybe we can change that with your help.

If you'd like to help us build a home for home cooks like you, let's keep in touch!

A Short History

To those wondering, started as a do-everything food blog back in 2012.

We didn't think it would grow into anything worthwhile, so we went around in circles trying to figure out what we wanted to be. When the pandemic slowed everything down, we finally decided: let's focus on helping home cooks.

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