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Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)

Pepper Basics
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Used by Chinese restaurants, the wok is the world's most versatile cookware. Deep-fry, stir-fry, steam, boil, and braise.

Deep-fry better:

  • Use 30% less oil
  • Heat up faster
  • Cool down faster
  • Fit more food
  • Less oil splattering for easy clean-up

Stir-fry better:

  • Maneuver quickly due to the light weight
  • Toss without spilling
  • Fit more food
  • Thin metal heats up high for fragrant garlic and onions
  • Wood handle protects your hands from heat

Add a glass lid or wooden lid if you plan to braise or steam. The wooden lid offers authentic Chinese restaurant experience, while a glass lid lets you see what's inside.

32 cm woks only have 1 handle; 34 cm woks have two handles as illustrated in photos.

Weight: 1800g
Manufactured in Shandong
Warning: Cast iron products need care! Check our product guide for complete instructions.
  • Oven-safe
  • Non-stick
  • Induction-ready

    This product contains a magnetic bottom, making it compatible on induction cooktops.

Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)Pepper Basics Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok (Induction-ready)

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Good wok but the item I received was different from the photo

It's very light, easy to use, and clean. I got confused at first since it looked like carbon steel, but read a comment here that said Pepper confirmed it's cast iron.

Giving this 3 stars cause my wok didn't have a second handle compared to the photo above.

Still, it's a good wok and the ordering process is very smooth.

kitchen essential

Recently moved out and needed an all around pan and I'm so happy i chose this because it can literally do everything from omelettes to stir fries! Super recommend this one since the product feels sturdy and high quality too

Easy to clean

Currently using an induction burner and I have the usual round bottom wok but it doesnt work unless you have it over a flame burner. So far, so good and I love how it's already non stick so I dont need to worry about endless scrubbing whenever food gets stuck

gudbye kawali

all i need for deep frying chicken. best! comes out perfect always

Feelin like a pro!

Feelin like a pro! I know feel like I can run a Chinese restaurant. Lol jk. But it really does make me feel powerful while cooking! It's very motivating. Thanks guys, God bless. :)